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Professionals - Belfatto Lab


Giuda Taddeo Persiani

Belfatto Lab Casoli

Giuda Taddeo Persiani was born in Casoli in 1989. He has been interested in art design and arts in general since his early childhood. Then drawing became his favourite hobby.

After many years, when he is just 20 years old, he meets Toni Belfatto who teaches him the main tattooing techniques and, after attending some classes, he becomes a certified tattooing and piercing operator.

He has been working for Toni Belfatto Group for 5 years now and, in 2013, he became an art tattoo teacher for Toni Belfatto Group and Belfatto Lab.

In 2013, he became an artistic tattoo teacher and a tricopigmentation expert at the Belfatto Lab Casoli.

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Eleonora de Giacometti

Belfatto Lab Roma

Eleonora de Giacometti, a dermopigmentation specialist and a permanent makeup teacher, was born in Rome in 1979 and she approached the world of permanent makeup when she was just 20 years old, for her personal needs.

Undergoing this treatment helped her understand the importance and the power of such innovative techniques, that is why she decided to pursue this career.

When she was 23, she decided to attend her first permanent makeup training course.
Over the years, thanks to her great passion, she has managed to improve her techniques using more and more advanced equipment.

Her desire to share her passion and her work led her, 10 years ago, to become a dermopigmentation and paramedical dermopigmentation teacher at Accademia di formazione Orsini & Belfatto, which was, in her opinion, her most important experience.

Curiosity pushed her to grow, both from a personal and a professional point of view.
For this reason she has opened her own Belfatto Lab together with Toni Belfatto, the Belfatto Lab Roma.

“Customer satisfaction is the main goal for me”.

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Gianluca Garsia

Belfatto Lab Latina

Gianluca Garsia was born in Rome in 1968.

Precise and meticulous, he has worked as a dental technician for many years, a profession that perfectly reflects his personality.

He approached the world of dermopigmentation for the first time 8 years ago, when he decided to undergo a hair pigmentation treatment.

Being more than satisfied with the end result, he decided to attend his first hair pigmentation training course and then a dermopigmentation training course at Orsini & Belfatto.

Curious and precise, he is able to achieve excellent results in a very short time.

Over the years, he has been working as a Tricopigmentist specialist at the most specialized centers.

In 2014 he opened his first Belfatto Lab tricopigmentation centre in Latina.

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Lella Caiazzo

Lella Caiazzo’s love for the world of aesthetic started when she was still a child, as she began to work at her family’s beauty salon. As soon as she finished high school, she decided to start her training in the beauty field by attending a professional school of aesthetic, after that, she kept enriching her knowledge by joining various training courses in many famous academies.

And so she began to perform her first works as a make-up artist.

The more she worked as a make-up artist, the more she discovered how the eyebrows’ shape and thickness could change a face expression or gift the eyes with a new look, the more fascinated she was by it all.

From here, she started to search a school that could give her an excellent training in the field of dermopigmentation; she found the “Orsini & Belfatto” school.

The need to improve, the curiosity and the passion for the job, pushed her to join several courses.

At a later time, Toni Belfatto himself asked her to collaborate with the academy. She accepted and made the step from student to teacher.

Today she has opened her own Belfatto Lab with Toni Belfatto, the Belfatto Lab Nola.

“The results my works accomplish over my clients and the joy of my students, give me confirmation over the choices I made and the path I took. Their satisfaction is my own”

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Cristiana Causo

Cristiana Causo was born in Rome in 1976.

Her great passion for everything concerning the make-up world got her to undertake a very intense training process. Over the years she had the chance to collaborate quite often with the show business world.

Constantly training, she became a dermopigmentist specialist and a teacher of facial and paramedical dermopigmentation. From here, she collaborated with universities and oncology facilities. Her perseverance and her determination allowed her to become an operator and speaker of worldwide fame.

She has been working together with Toni Belfatto for 10 years; the two of them share, among other things, the same professional hystory.

Today, together with her husband Matteo Perazzi, she is the owner of the Belfatto Lab Milano.

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Matteo Perazzi

Matteo Perazzi was born in Rieti in 1977.

He took his first steps into the aesthetic world as a face specialist. Thanks to important collaboration, he took part to several fashion events, nationally and internationally. He specialized himself in the aesthetic and corrective dermopigmentation.

The great love for this world and his incessant need to learn and get better, made him meet Toni Belfatto, about ten years ago. He was quick to embrace Toni Belfatto’s philosophy of work.

His interest in regard of evolving techniques drove him to specialize himself in Tricopigmentation as well. As an operator and a teacher, he takes part as a lecturer in several dermopigmentation conferences in Italy and in the world.

Today he opened, together with his wife Cristiana Causo, the Belfatto Lab Milano.

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