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Permanent Makeup - Belfatto Lab

Permanent Makeup

There are many rumours about semi-permanent or permanent makeup, many of which built on prejudices or wrong assumptions.

Indeed, there are still many people who think that semi-permanent and permanent makeup are two different things when, actually, they are nothing more than synonyms for the same treatment lasting for a limited period of time which cannot be determined with accuracy.

Why permanent makeup is actually not a permanent treatment?

Permanent makeup treatments, just like art tattoos, consist of pushing a pigment into the dermis with a dermograph. What is different, indeed, is the type of pigment used. Art tattoos require the use of permanent pigments, lasting forever, while permanent makeup treatments, despite their name, use bio-absorbable pigments that will disappear over time and that is why retouching sessions are required to ensure the same results, in terms of colours and shapes.

Using bio-absorbable pigments has its own advantages. First of all, you can retouch the work done and, although it may sound boring and expensive, this is very important. Having the chance to modify, over the years, shapes, designs and colours according to natural changes due to age is a factor that should not be underestimated.

Who are our customers?

Permanent makeup is designed for people of all ages who just want to improve their look, hide scars, skin blemishes, eyebrow thinning and thicken their lashes, and so on. Thanks to these treatments (eyebrows, lips and hairline permanent makeup), you can change and improve your look.

How can I schedule an appointment?

• First Step: Please read the summary sheet "PERMANENT MAKEUP F.A.Q"

Second Step: book a free consultation at a Belfatto Lab centre near you, to gather all the information you need to understand the treatment and its application techniques and to get a detailed quote.

Third Step: Make an appointment for your first treatment session by calling or sending an email to the Belfatto Lab centre you have chosen, using the address listed in the "contacts" section.

How much does it cost?

EUR 500 for the first session, EUR 150 for all retouching sessions to be scheduled by 3 months after the main session, EUR 200 if scheduled between 4 and 7 months after the main session, EUR 250 if scheduled between 8 and 12 months after the main session.

Trucco permanente labbraLips are important, just like eyebrows and eyes. That is why they deserve special attention, especially when it comes to makeup. Creating unnatural lips, using inappropriate colours or making the lips look too big are all common mistakes. This is often due to a lack of experience, personal tastes or the obsession to hide imperfections.

Thanks to many new dermopigmentation techniques, a permanent makeup lip treatment can help you define a contour, get an even mucosa colour, correct asymmetries or improve the volume effect. It can also replace the classic pencil used to mark the upper and lower lip contour.

Application techniques

The working philosophy of Belfatto Lab is getting the most natural result with all the treatments performed.

As for permanent makeup lip treatments, this means creating a defined yet soft lip contour which is very similar with that obtained with a lip pencil.

More complex techniques, such as blending and filling the mucosa, are used to get the illusion of having fuller lips, without making them look “fake”.

Permanent makeup lip treatments can use techniques aimed at creating tri-dimensional effects where the lip contour is not visible, playing with light, light and shades and colours, which are the real protagonists of these treatments.

If in the past years a full mouth was a real symbol of sensuality pursued by every woman, today a more natural and delicate effect is the trend.

A well-performed permanent makeup treatment is almost invisible, I mean you would never say it is just makeup.

For more information on permanent makeup, techniques, duration, costs, contraindications, appointments and so on, please click on “PERMANENT MAKE-UP F.A.Q.


Trucco permanente occhiEyes are the window to the soul, a detail which is able to attract attention and convey emotions.

Dermopigmenation specialists pay particular attention to permanent makeup treatments when it comes to eyes and eyebrows, since they can completely change a look, thanks to many application techniques.

These treatments, just like all other permanent makeup treatments, are designed for customers of all ages, both men and women, who want to improve their look.


Application techniques

Eyelash enhancer: the ideal treatment if you want to make your look more intense, depending on your personal taste.

Eyeliner: for a more visible, yet natural effect. The eyeliner is often used to change the look of an eye. In fact, graphic design and other effects can completely change the look of the entire face.

Special effects: light and shadow effects and the combination of different colours will help you get the most natural results ever, while improving your look.

Despite the fact that this is a very delicate area, permanent make-up treatments are not painful at all.

For more information on permanent makeup, techniques, duration, costs, contraindications, appointments and so on, please click on “PERMANENT MAKE-UP F.A.Q.

Trucco permanente sopraccigliaEyebrows are not just a detail, even if they have been negatively affected by different trends over the years and the centuries. Indeed, we often see people with very thin eyebrows, sometimes almost invisible, yet visibly thinned, strange shapes, artificial effects, and things like that. These people often turn to us to solve their problems, resulting from years of bad choices.

Eyebrow permanent makeup treatments are among the most popular in the field of dermopigmenation, although sometimes poorly performed by inexperienced operators who do not know what are the rules to follow to get decent results.

Eyebrow permanent makeup treatments can help hide imperfections, such as scars, thinned areas, alopecia, wrong shapes, asymmetries, by pushing pigments into the dermis.

Application techniques

Eyebrow permanent makeup treatments are designed for people of all ages, both men and women.

Of course, people may have different reasons for choosing such a treatment and, of course, different results can be obtained. For example, men’s eyebrows are not neat at all and that is how they are supposed to be if they want to look natural. On the other hand, women’s eyebrows are neat, defined and definitely more elegant.

When performing these treatments, we take into account all these differences and we work to create or re-create the most natural effect, also by using filling and blending techniques.

If you want a more defined result, the hair technique is definitely the best solution to hide the trick, while creating a great optical illusion.

For more information on permanent makeup, techniques, duration, costs, contraindications, appointments and so on, please click on “PERMANENT MAKE-UP F.A.Q.