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Franchising - Belfatto Lab


There are so many ways to get started,
yet not all
of them are successful.


Dermopigmentation is a niche industry which is rapidly expanding, promising attractive earnings prospects, although training is still inappropriate. Being designed for a very specific target, this job requires precision and professionalism.

A good dermopigmentation specialist should not use poor quality equipment or perform his treatments at home. If you want to succeed in this fields, investing in your training and high-quality equipment is the first thing to do.

Moreover, you need to strategically promote your treatments.

Not everyone knows these techniques, and not everyone is ready to undergo such treatments. That is why you must be able to attract your customers and convince them that these treatments are the best solution for them.

To do that, you must be confident, natural and clear.

If you want to purse this career, Belfatto Lab is the right solution for you!

Belfatto Lab promotes your name,
through a brand with a 25-year history
and its many success cases.

Your questions. Our answers.

The cost of these treatments always depends on the area to be treated, both for hypo-pigmented and hyper-pigmented spots.

When using bio-absorbable pigments, usually the treatment requires 2 sessions, so that the colour chosen can perfectly blend with the skin colour of the surrounding area. During the first session, some tests will be run using 2/3 colours which are similar to the skin colour of our customer. After 40 days, during the session, once we have chosen the right colour to be used, the real treatment will be performed.

Unlike other treatments (permanent make-up and hair pigmentation), for which using permanent pigments is not recommended, paramedical dermopigmentation treatments can be performed both with bio-absorbable and permanent pigments, when the area to be treated is not exposed to sunlight on a regular basis (breast scars or intimate parts vitiligo scars, for example). If the area to be treated is frequently exposed to sunlight (hands and face), using bio-absorbable pigments is always the best solution.


We can treat flat, smooth or white scars, while WE CANNOT treat keloids or hypertrophic scars.

You can decide to undergo a paramedical dermopigmentation treatment at least 8 months after the last surgery, to allow the treated area to heal.

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