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Hair pigmentation and hair transplant

There are many different ways to deal with baldness. When a person starts losing his hair, he starts to try all possible tricks that can help him deal with the problem. Usually, the first thing a person with this problem does is turning to a hairdresser  and buy expensive hair loss treatment vials. Then, he will contact a trichologist for a microscopic examination of his hair, through a trichogram, which allows to analyse the life cycle of hair and see if the hair is healthy or identify the underlying causes of a possible alopecia. The first medication that will be prescribed, at this point, is finasteride,  a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor that helps convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for hair loss. The patient will have to take finasteride for the rest of his life, since if he does not, the problem may reoccur and the treatment  could no longer be effective, not to mention its many side effects. Minoxidil, on the other hand, a medication used for hypertension, gave good results also in the treatment of baldness, acting as a stimulator of the hair bulb. But, once again, if you stop taking it, the problem may re-occur.


Women’s eyebrows

There are many reasons why a woman chooses to undergo a permanent makeup treatment and they are different from the reasons that drive a man to make the same decision.

The psychological aspect is undoubtedly important: a woman who likes her self-image is more confident and this is important since this helps her deal with everyday life and better manage personal relationships. Imperfections may become an obsession and reduce self-esteem and this, of course, makes everyday life more difficult.

Permanent makeup is the ideal solution to hide imperfections and improve a woman’s look, but can also help her to keep up with fashion trends.

Some women choose permanent makeup because they do not want to waste their time with makeup. They choose an eyelash enhancer, a hairline or a lip contour  to always look fresh and pretty.

Finally, there are more serious reasons to choose permanent makeup: the desire to cover a bad scar, burns or a damage caused by an accident. In all these cases, permanent makeup helps to hide imperfections and make every woman feel pretty and confident.

Eyebrows have been affected by different trends  over time and each decade had its own eyebrow shape.


Men’s eyebrows

The study of men’s eyebrow is the missing piece of the big puzzle called dermopigmentation.

There are many people who suffer from alopecia universalis and not all react the same way. There are those who accept their condition and have no problem showing a hairless head, while others desperately want to find a solution.

Some people do not have hair in some areas because of the scars caused by severe burns. Where there is a scar, indeed, the follicle, and the surrounding skin of course, is damaged and hairs can not re-grow.

Another thing that can impair the growth of hairs is prolonged incorrect use of tweezers which may cause, over time, even some gaps in those areas where the tweezers are used.

The chart below reports some data from a sample of one hundred thousand people. As for alopecia areata, we are talking about people with half of their head with no hairs. As for alopecia universalis, we have twenty-five cases out of a hundred thousand, twenty-five people in a hundred thousand who have no body hair. Alopecia areata, on the other hand, affects 2% of the world population. There are also other forms of alopecia, including androgenic alopecia, which is the most common and the most frequent form of alopecia among men. This problem, which affects the scalp, inevitably involves the eyebrows, making them almost invisible and making a face looking inexpressive.


Women’s eyebrows and men’s eyebrows: differences

We are not going to talk about the difference between a man or a woman or discuss the fact that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We will just analyse all those small details that make the difference when working in our field.

First of all, men and women are histologically different. Men have dense and full eyebrows. The skin is characterised by the follicles, which produce hairs, and these are fed with oxygen and nutrients via the bloodstream, making them healthy. Next to each follicle, there is a sebaceous gland which produces sebum and is different from the sweat gland which, on the other hand, comes out from a pore. The sebaceous gland produces squalene, triglycerides, wax esters and other toxic substances, while the sweat gland produces water and salts. The higher the number of hairs the greater the number of sebaceous glands, so there is a substantial difference between women and men, since man have twice the number of hairs.

We can say that the skin of a man is like a wet sponge, while the skin of a woman is like a piece of wood. If I push colour into wood, the pigment adheres perfectly to the underlying tissue and I will create great hair effects but, if I push the same amount of pigment into a wet sponge, what I will see is an uncontrolled colour migration.


Hyperrealism and permanent makeup

Observation is the most powerful tool we have to hide imperfections and the bad outcomes of a disease. When looking at people, we usually focus on a few details: eyes, hands, lips, dimples.

That is what dermopigmentation specialists do. When observing an eyebrow, for example, we try to understand what is the hair arrangement, the number of hairs or its original shape.

Looking at men’s eyebrows, the first thing to notice is that hair arrangement is completely different, as well as the shape, structure, colour and hair direction. Dermopigmentation specialists are good observers. They know how to focus on details and find differences.

Hyperrealism is an artistic movement born in America in the '60s which promoted a faithful reproduction of reality on canvas through the use of pictures. So, it was not about being creative. Artists just had to create a perfect copy of reality.