Women’s eyebrows

There are many reasons why a woman chooses to undergo a permanent makeup treatment and they are different from the reasons that drive a man to make the same decision.

The psychological aspect is undoubtedly important: a woman who likes her self-image is more confident and this is important since this helps her deal with everyday life and better manage personal relationships. Imperfections may become an obsession and reduce self-esteem and this, of course, makes everyday life more difficult.

Permanent makeup is the ideal solution to hide imperfections and improve a woman’s look, but can also help her to keep up with fashion trends.

Some women choose permanent makeup because they do not want to waste their time with makeup. They choose an eyelash enhancer, a hairline or a lip contour  to always look fresh and pretty.

Finally, there are more serious reasons to choose permanent makeup: the desire to cover a bad scar, burns or a damage caused by an accident. In all these cases, permanent makeup helps to hide imperfections and make every woman feel pretty and confident.

Eyebrows have been affected by different trends  over time and each decade had its own eyebrow shape.


In the '20s, women's eyebrows were high and thin, sometimes darker than the natural colour and curved, to create a dramatic effect, or just horizontal lines, suggesting melancholy. In the 30s, the motto was “clean and natural” and eyebrows were thin and definitely long, to accentuate eyelids. In the '40s and' 50s, eyebrows were thicker and elegant, without imperfections, for an innocent yet sensual beauty. In the ‘60s, Twiggy’s full, natural and rounded eyebrows were the trend, while Mina’s eyebrows, in the ‘70’s, were almost invisible. The women of the '80s got their grow on, super natural, to enhance a colourful and extreme makeup. And what about the ‘90s? Minimalism, elegance and definition made eyebrows the true stars of a face.


Face shape, makeup habits, historical events, trends, nonverbal communication and personal expectations are just some of the aspects considered by a dermopigmentation specialist when designing an eyebrow.

Some customers prefer soft-angled eyebrows, while others asks for a curved shape, but most of these people do not realise that we can not simply attach an eyebrow shape to a face. Our job is much more difficult. We have to carefully study the situation, submit our suggestions and then discuss them with our customer, so as to come to an agreement and get the best possible result.



An eyebrow consists of two main areas: body and tail. The body is about two-thirds of the eyebrow, while the tail one third. The body is thicker at the base and gradually thinner near the tail.

Between the body and the tail there is the peak, the highest point of the entire eyebrow, with respect to a horizontal plane. Eyebrows can both have a sharp peak, to open up the eye giving a youthful appearance,  and a rounded peak, for a more delicate look, so, the final choice will depend on the final effect desired.

What is more important, however, is that the tail is not lower than the body, since this would make the face unnatural and definitely inexpressive.